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To Get Successfully Romantic Try The Seven Gateways to Happiness

In order to live a life of happiness with plenty of romance, we need to know how to optimize our […]

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Romantic Fiction Makes Fictional What is Often Non-fiction

In Next Year in Jerusalem! Part 2, Around Every Corner, Mystery and Romance in the Holy Land, Natalie struggles with […]

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The Back Story to a Romance Novel Makes It Even More Interesting!

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A really good romance book can be made even better by an interesting back story. Sometimes we are just left […]

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A New Romance Book Can Have Many Plots and Next Year in Jerusalem! Does.

A romance novel, just like any good novel may have many sub-plots going on. And that is certainly the case […]

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Did You Ever Wish for More In Your Life, More Adventure or More Romance, Like in a Romance Novel?

Natalie and Maggie in Next Year in Jerusalem! were led interesting lives in Connecticut and New York City, but not […]

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