A New Romance Book Can Have Many Plots and Next Year in Jerusalem! Does.

A romance novel, just like any good novel may have many sub-plots going on. And that is certainly the case in my new romantic fiction, Next Year in Jeruaselem!, Parts 1 and 2. Of course there is the main plot, which is the romantic relationships that both Natalie and Maggie experience as they travel to Jerusalem and then back home to the United States. For Natalie it is the romantic urges that get stirred up by staying in touch with an old flame on Facebook. For Maggie it is the beginning dating process after a bad marriage and suddenly dealing with amourous feelings toward more than one man.

But that is by no means all that is going on. One of the other sub-plots is travel. Anywhere is interesting if you have never been there, but there are few cities on earth as fascinating as Jerusalem, considered one of the Holy Cities of the world. Natalie and Maggie are mesmerized by the city, including the most holy wall, the Wester Wall, where legend has it that prayers reach heaven even faster! They also love to walk around the shopping areas and the old markets full of spices and fresh produce and fantastic handmade silks, jewelry, etc.

Then there is the sub-plot of meeting a mystery woman who captivates them with her wisdom and her ability to make them feel special. They love being with her, and learning from her, but who is she? Why doesn’t she show up when she is supposed to? Why does she seem to not fully disclose? What is going on? Is she in trouble?

And there are even more sub-plots. I want to keep a few secret to wet your appetites even further! I hope you will read Part 1 and Part 2 and let’s talk more about what happens to these very real women who suddenly are faced with more than they bargained for.

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