A Play Is Born. Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein’s The Locket, based on The Truth, is a great success!

The Locket has its premiere event last night in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Directed by Bob Angelini, The Locket is a staged reading of a play in development. The Asbury Park Musical Heritage Foundation was the place to be at 6:30 PM. Seven young actesses and one professional adult actress carried off the staged reading without a hitch.

The Truth (I’m a girl, I’m smart and I know everything) has so many universal messages for kids and adults. That was one reason it was decided to have seven girls of different ages all play ‘the girl’. She is one of us, and in all of us, no matter what our ages!

However, there is a dark side to life also, as we all know, and part of that dark side is how we loose our lightness and ability to see the truth about matters that we over complicate as we age.

So in this version of The Truth the girl as an adult finds her own diary from childhood which opens her heart again as she has become upset and bitter about her marriage. She remembers her own parents fighting and how she promised not to go there when she got married. Ah, but she did, and therein lies some of the adult drama about life! If only romance as adults was as simple as through a child’s eyes or even as simple as the solutions often found in a good romance novel!

More to come on the staged reading and how it connects into romance and even into romantic fiction!

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