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The Truth: I’m A Girl, I’m Smart And I Know Everything

THE TRUTH is a delightful, humorous secret diary, written by a girl who is 11-12 years of age. She is wise and yet innocent. Her words acknowledge those priceless truths that we all knew as kids.

The Truth CoverShe makes us cry and laugh and see ourselves. Everybody loves reading her thoughts, secrets, adventures and solutions to difficult problems. Girls are naturally curious and this book gives them a real opportunity to see how a girl like themselves in so many ways handles her toughest problems and most personal thoughts.

Mom can read the book along with her daughter and not only be brought back to herself as a youngster, but find on every page relevant topics for discussion with her daughter:

•    How do you handle a bully?
•    How do you handle a crush on a boy?
•    What about teasing?
•    How do you find time to listen to your daughter?
•    Do we have enough fun together?
•    What really matters?

The book includes space for the girl and/or mom to make notes or her own diary entries. The book ends with discussion ideas that can also open up whole new areas of topics for mom and daughter or the young reader and other members of her family, friends,or teachers.

Behind this very easy read, written by a positive psychologist with over 25 years of clinical experience, is the psychological message to the girls reading THE TRUTH that they can and must keep the fire and passion of their girlhoods as they grow up and have the courage to carry the most precious parts of themselves into adulthood.

For parents the book is a way back to what made them feel most special at 10, 11 or 12. Once parents are back in the place where their kids live, then listening, trust and real sharing can begin.

Every girl and every parent wants this kind of TRUTH!

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Secrets Cover



Following on the heels of the best-selling book The Truth, SECRETS is the continuing diary of a girl moving into her teen-age years. The Girl has plenty to fill her journal. The pages reveal a new school, a new baby in the family, new friends, a new guy and a new set of issues to face. Share the secret world of an almost-teen as she learns which secrets to share and which to keep to herself.

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The Enchanted Self cover


The Enchanted Self

After listening to her clients mention and then discount the positive events and memories they had experienced in the past and present, Dr. Barbara Holstein realized that psychotherapy, as it is commonly practised today, focuses almost exclusively on the client’s “pathology”. Her conclusion that clients cannot feel complete until their strengths, rather than their problems, become the fulcrum for therapy culminated in “The enchanted self”. This new therapy and book, written for therapists and therapy clients, describes how getting in touch with “The enchanted self” – our core of health and strength – promote positive change.

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Seven Gateways to Happiness cover


Seven Gateways to Happiness

Seven Gateways to Happiness is the synthesis for women of THE ENCHANTED SELF(R), a systematic way of bringing more joy, purpose and meaning into your life. Dr. Holstein’s pioneering research and case study analysis in the field of positive psychology led to Enchanted Self methods that she has been teaching women for the last 20 years. This book is a self-esteem handbook to treasure and live by. As you incorporate each of the Seven Gateways to Happiness, you quickly find yourself becoming more confident, fulfilled and empowered. You recognize the best in yourself while tapping into your strengths, talents and potential. Case studies from Dr. Holstein’s vast library of real stories, both in and out of the treatment room, and practice activities for each of the seven gateways expand theory into hands on learning and practice for you. Enjoy Freeing your Enchanted Self!

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Delight cover


Come in and out of Jewish places and traditions, dancing, celebrating, infusing yourself with the Simcha, that is special celebrations of life. Come as my guest! Stay awhile. Enjoy. Share my adventures and take the time to open youself to even greater adventures in your own life, with your own traditions. At the end of each experience with me I engage you in how you might love life even more in your own way. The book is a win-win for everyone.

“…meaningful and should help bring thousands of readers, both young and old, to a greater inspiration of life and family.” –Rabbi Yosef Carlebach, Director, Chabad House – Lubavitch, Inc.

Delight is the culmination of Dr. Holstein’s professional adventuring into positive psychology, combined with her own journeying back to her roots as a Jewish woman. She has a passion to help women feel impassioned about where they are going and how to live lives of meaning, well-being and purpose.

“After reading her book, I felt not only inspired but intrigued through her journey towards joy and Delight.” –Karin Janin, Author of Magic of Intent

In Delight she leaves no leaf unturned! Every time she experiences a celebration or activity in the world of being Jewish she brings in the reader so she can celebrate and move ahead in her life’s journey.

Join her as she travels in Jewish circles known only to a few:
• Dancing with the women at a festive wedding
• Dipping herself into the pure waters of a Mikvah
• and more!

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Recipes For Enchantment cover


Recipes For Enchantment: The Secret Ingredient Is You

Come meet a street child from Brazil who profoundly influenced, for the good, a sophisticated American woman.  Read about Sal, a soldier almost fatally wounded but miraculously saved by love letters.  Yes, be inspired by all sorts of people you will meet in the stories in this book.  They prove that taking positive action can really make a difference.  Following each story take the opportunity to journal, dream, and think how you can make positive changes in your life, guaranteed to result in your personal Recipe for Enchantment!

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