Designing a Romantic Vacation, Bring Along a New Romance Book!

It is easy and fun to become romantic. One doesn’t need a lover, necessily. For example, just thinking about or planning a fascinating vacation can arouse thrilling feelings of anticipation and excitement.

It was fascinating to see how many marvelous vacation ideas quickly emerged in a group I ran. One woman wished to go to Mexico and South America to view the ruins and lie on the sun in beautiful beaches. Another woman wished to go to Greece and see the ancient ruins there and then slowly make her way through Europe. This could take a leisurely period of time, perhaps even a year. Another also wanted to go to Europe but to do other things, such as take gourmet cooking classes in the South of France and become somewhat fluent in several languages. Another woman opted for spas and other experiences to bring vitality to her body and ultimately her spirit. One person was in reality making plans to go to several meditative retreats over the next few months.

All the vacation ideas sounded scruptious and none happened to have a romantic partner in the mix. Although, that partner might have been welcome, he wasn’t essential to the plan. What was essential to each plan was the fulfillment of some dream or longing that the woman had been carrying in her mind and heart.

I realized as I listened how much each woman, no matter what her background or problems, yearned for change, adventure, getting to know strangers and other places, no matter how burdened by daily problems of relationships, children, money, etc.

Each vacation was strikingly different from the others, and yet how universal so many of our needs for replenishment are.

I hope you’ll take a few minutes to day dream about a wonderful vacation that you can create, at least in your mind. Take the adventure.

Part 2 – A Play Date With Vacation Ideas

Take a moment and jot down three fantasy spring or summer vacations you would love to take, if money and time were no object!

•Where would you go?

•Who would go with you?

•What would you like to do?

•How long would you like to be away?

•What would you enjoy seeing … experiencing … discovering? What special new romance book would you back for the trip? Would it be Next Year in Jerusalem? Romance, Mystery & Spiritual Awakenings?

•What would be the highpoint of your trip?

Enjoy your fantasy vacations. If you wish, go further and get some information on these places.

•Would you like at least one to come true?

•What steps would be necessary?

I leave the rest up to you — whether you simply daydream or bring about a new reality I wish you refreshing, fun thoughts.