Did You Ever Wish for More In Your Life, More Adventure or More Romance, Like in a Romance Novel?

Natalie and Maggie in Next Year in Jerusalem! were led interesting lives in Connecticut and New York City, but not really adventurous or that different from millions of other women. But then they wished for more and the universe heard them. They say never to wish for what you may not really want. But it was too late for Natalie and Maggie. Adventure was now staring them in the face. No longer in their comfortable daily routines. Now they are in Jerusalem, an amazing city of energy, both spiritual and social. Now they are faced with getting to know a stranger that is fascinating but also puzzling. Now they are in the midst of spiritual arousal and new learning that is beyond what they intended to do in this city. Now they are faced with the adventures they had dared to wish for. Now they will have to live it. What happens, happens.

That is what romantic fiction is all about! Come and enjoy the rise with them.

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