Even Romance Requires Understanding the Seven Gateways to Happiness

Natalie and Maggie have romantic issues in my latest romance book, Next Year in Jerusalem! Part 2, Mystery & Romance in the the Holy Land. Each is caught up in an arousing situation with a second man in their lives. Both are in trouble, in the sense that Natalie is married and Maggie has a boyfriend back home. Yet, both can be helped by better understanding how we think clearly and make decisions in life, even when under various ‘influences’ like romantic feelings. They could be helped by watching video that I just did on www.askimo.com where I talk about the Seven Gateways of Happiness. I don’t know if they will watch,mmmm, I may have to write some more back story for that to happen.

But I can suggest that since you are a real person, living a live, and not a romance novel character, that you watch my archived show and get some ideas on holding on to happiness that may be new to you or simply reinforced. Hope you enjoy it!

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