Every Good Romance Novel Has a Back Story

Whether you are aware of it or not, every good romance novel has a back story. Either the author has actually written a back story, perhaps another romance novel that came before the one you are reading, or she has notes and pages and pages of materials that don’t actually end up in the romance book. Or, like Next Year in Jerusalem! the author (me, in this case) has actually created a back story for the reader. In my case I have created letters, notes and other forms of correspondence that go back and forth between Natalie and Maggie.

These are not in the novel itself. But they make interesting reading and give you even more information on what these ladies are like.

So for example, here is one of the notes that Maggie sent Natalie, via the internet, while she was in flight coming to Israel. I hope you enjoy reading it now. See if you learn anything that isn’t in Part 1 of Next Year in Jerusalem!

Dear Natalie, I just woke up from a lovely nap. The flight is great and in two hours I’ll be landing in Israel. I can’t wait to see you and Jerusalem again. I hope we can go out for a great dinner tonight. You pick.

Will David join us? Will we go shopping tomorrow?

I hope we go and find your mystery woman also.

Guess what movie I watched before I dozed off? Mamma Mia.

It wasn’t as good as the play but still I love all the songs and the energy and the colors were gorgeous. Greece isn’t that far from Israel. Maybe we can go over there for a few days and explore a Greek Island. How does that sound? Maybe we’ll have an adventure there, also! Who knows what is around the next corner?

I’ll do anything fun! It is such a relief for me to be away. Away from everyone and everything! Gary is great but I even need a break from him. He looked so sad when he took me home last night. But I’m not sad. I am almost relieved not to be seeing him for a few weeks. It’s all too new-I mean my divorce-for me to be really ready for another permanent relationship. I don’t even like the word ‘permanent’ right now. I want to be free as a bird. Feeling good about myself. Feeling alive. Making up for lost time!

Janet is handling any customers that come my way while I’m away. Everything is in order. I didn’t even leave any food to rot in the frig! I am ready! Let’s have the best time we have ever had!

Love you, Maggie

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