Freedom Comes When We Make Good Decisions For Ourselves

“Yes, sometimes one did have to leave behind pieces of one’s life to return to the deepest parts of oneself. I’m like one of the slaves trying to leave Egypt, she (Natalie) thought. I desperately need my freedom. I need my freedom to make good decisions for myself, ones that are not tangled up with old emotions which only capture me and hold me back. And I need my spiritual freedom.”

These words spoken by Natalie in Part 3 of Next Year in Jerusalem! Around Every Corner, my new Romance novel, are so true. That’s why in Gateway Three of The Seven Gateways to Happiness I teach women how to make good decisions for themselves and find out what they need to meet their needs.

In my book The Seven Gateways to Happiness, Freeing Your Enchanted Self, I explain why:There’s nothing more demoralizing than a woman who does not know how to speak up for herself, who doesn’t have a voice for herself. When we feel ignored or not understood, we can feel rage and anger building.

“Often as women we find ourselves in a predicament where we don’t know how to speak up. We simply don’t know how to negotiate for what we want. While sometimes it’s a cultural attitude that we’ve taken on, for instance that women should be demure, quiet, and modest, often it’s due to a lack of understanding the appropriate skill-set necessary for negotiating effectively.

“All of these factors put a tremendous pressure on our true capacities. Our future happiness or fulfillment is restricted simply because we don’t know the right road to get there.

“Learning how to meet our needs and how to negotiate appropriately is a lot of work, but the satisfaction far outweighs the work. When you have been able to speak with integrity
to a husband, mother-in-law or a boss, when you have been able to finish a level of training that moves you ahead professionally, you’re really living your Enchanted Self.”

Enjoy my video which further explains how we need to leave our chains and move toward Freedom!

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