How to Become a Gutsy Lady

gustyladyAny woman interested in tapping into her Enchanted Self, (see for more on your Enchanted Self) must take the time to get her Gutsy Self revved up. This means she has to be willing to get the courage to unleash her powers. As a positive psychologist I have helped women get their magic flowing. It is actually quite simple and some of the steps go back to concepts we already know and talk about all the time. Here are some of them:

1. A Gutsy Lady must take the time to get to know herself. She sees and works on her flaws and limitations but she also knows and values her talents, strengths, coping skills and even her untapped potential.

2. A Gutsy Lady reaching for her Enchanted Self has learned how to speak up for herself. That means she doesn’t let her negative thoughts and feelings just sweep over her and take her down. It also means that she knows how to handle the part of herself that wants to give and give to everyone else to the point of her own exhaustion. It also means she knows how to speak up for her rights and decisions and wishes with others, whether it be her boss, or her husband, or a child or her mother

3. A Gutsy Lady recognizes the importance of her own health and happiness. She has learned how to build replenishment and happiness into her life. She knows that she deserves to feel good and to have fun and that if she doesn’t take care of her mental and physical life no one else really will. Others may have the intent, but no one except herself knows exactly what she needs.

4. A Gutsy Lady knows that in order to thrive her life and even her daily life must be interesting and stimulating and meaningful. One way she knows she can make her life more interesting every day is via her imagination.

For example: Are you interested in traveling, or maybe you have had friends from other cultures? Or maybe you are coming off of a divorce and thinking about dating again. Or maybe you have some boredom going on in your marriage. Or maybe you yearn for some extra adventure in your life. Might you enjoy meeting a mysterious stranger who has almost a hypnotic hold on you? Not in real life, you say. Well all the better, you can meet someone fascinating or travel to a new land, or think about how to handle your life decisions by reading a good romance novel. That’s one reason I wrote Around Every Corner, which is Parts 1,2 and 3 of my romance novel Next Year in Jerusalem. A Gutsy Lady can live vicariously through Natalie and Maggie, travel to Jerusalem, sitting comfortably with her Kindle and never need to worry about anything happening that takes beyond her own comfort track in life.

However, at the same time, she may gather the energy and courage to move beyond her range of current comfort to try new things and ideas in her life!

These are just some of the steps that a Gutsy Lady can take to full ownnership of her life. Yes, she has had a wonderful engagement, but not one that needed a ring. It is an engagement with herself, her Enchanted Self!