In any good Romance Novel To Get to the Promised Land Means Getting Rid of Trash

In any good romance novel the book must take the characters through changes that involve getting rid of the excesses in their lives that keep them from having the love and/or lover that they really want.  The main protagonist may give up drugs or alchohol or move to a new town.  She may have to leave a husband and get rid of a destructive relationship with a boyfriend.  Someone or something has to be dumped.  Why?  So she can move forward and be ready to have someone new in her life, or come back to an old love interest with her eyes open in a new way.  Otherwise, she simply stands still in the garbage of her life and it doesn’t make good romantic fiction.

Actually, our lives have a similar script.  We can choose to either stand still in our lives and let the same bad news repeat itself again and again, or we can choose to effect change in our lives.  Once we choose to change the dynamics somehow, somewhere in our life choices and habits we will also be getting rid of some of the garbage that holds us in its vice. 

This brings me to the expressions Next Year in Jerusalem! Part of the meaning behind that expression involves moving ahead and leaving behind aspects of our lives.  For the Jews who left Egypt it meant literally leaving Egypt and traveling for 40 years in the desert to get to Israel.  They left behind a world they had lived in for 400 years.  But they also left behind being slaves!

So as you think about yourself, explore the notion that you too are capabel of moving to a promised land, a land that represents who you want to be.  To start traveling toward that land start to think about what you must let go of. 

I have a hunch you will enjoy writing your own romance book of your life!

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