Is Romantic Fiction Enough or Do You Want Real Romance in Life?

If you are satisfied to live your romantic urges out through romantic fiction there are enough books out there to read one an hour for the rest of your life. Mmmm. That is one way to live.

But if you want real romance in your life, whether it is romantic romance with a significant other or whether it is the delightful romancing of life itself, be it time with a friend, success at work, watching a sunset, feeling happy much of the time, then I must implore you to work on The Seven Gateways to Happiness. Without them, happiness is elusive at best and so is romancing.

Why is this? It is because romancing a loved one or romancing life requires that our ducks are in order. We can’t go on a romantic vacation with a lover if we don’t have the money or resources to do so. We can’t enjoy a sunset if we need new glasses to see well and haven’t taken the time to get to the right doctor. We can’t enjoy the happiness of a successful career if we don’t receive the education necessary to work in that field.

Everywhere we turn, we are faced with obstacles. Either we must meet our needs, education, medical care, etc. or we must replenish as we drain our own resources. For example, we can’t enjoy a wonderful romantic vacation if we drink a lot, stay up half the night and wreck ourselves. One day, maybe. A week? Probably not.

Don’t get discouraged. Learning balance is an easy task. I tell you how in this video which shares with you the secrets of the Third and Fourth Gateways to Happiness. These Gateways are easy to understand and you will be amazed at the difference it will make in your life as you incorporated them.

Happy Romancing!