Romance Books Can Be In Real Life for All Of Us!

When I asked a group of women to recall moments that were real life Romance Book moments they came up with some beautiful memories.  Some romantic real life moments can be as simple as “when my husband makes me a cup of tea and serves it to me.”  Other moments take more effort, yet are still sweet and touching, such as the woman whose husband brought home three differnt kinds of chocolate to make sure she had the exact one to sooth her that evening. 

It is really quiet easy to create your own Romance Book as you live your life.  Sometimes all it takes is a sincere request given lovingly.  Sometimes it takes more, like giving a treat before we can expect to get a treat.  But it is certainly worth it.

Natalie and Maggie in Next Year in Jerusalem! crave as we all do, romantic moments.  Read how they get their needs met in both Part 1 and Part 2 of the Next Year in Jerualem trilogy.


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