Romance reading is fun. A ‘dog’ in a novel is bearable, in real life he may be very painful.

In Next Year in Jerusalem, Romance, Mystery & Spiritual Awakenings!, Natalie has such fond, romantic memories of Jack. She remembers the love-making and the wonderful times but she can’t seem to wrap around the fact that he treated her very badly on many occasions.

Maggie, her best friend, does remember some of these bad times. After all, she lived through those dark days also, and maybe because she wants nothing to do with Jack she can remember them so vividly.

The crisis is building for Natalie. Will she give in to old passions? Might she ruin her marriage?

Time will tell. And as you sit and read the Part 1, perhaps relaxing on a porch or by the pool, you are intrigued but not upset. That is the wonderful thing about a romantic novel. Romantic fiction feeds us an adventure of lust and intrigue, while we sit in total safety in our own space.

Some of us may have a ‘dog’ or two in the past who hurt us. But we don’t have to think about those men now. We can just savor the adventures of another women. This is the easy road to romance and one we all need to indulge in once in awhile.

By the way, it there was a ‘dog’ in your life, I would recommend that you don’t let him back in!

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