Romantic Fiction Can Be Good For Your Mental Health

As a positive psychologist I am convinced that the right romance book can be true medicine.  That is because it is the nature of fiction to allow us to relax and let the fantasy processes in our mind take over.  We identify with a character and we begin to feel emotions as they feel them.  We also begin to live within their world for the time we are reading.  P

sychological rehearsal is part of life.  We all need to practice actions and even conversations before we have them.  So practicing the romantic side of our nature as we read can be a good thing.  It can give a woman courage to try new ways of romancing or can bring her courage level up to say what she needs to say to someone.

All and all, a good romance novel can be medicine for the soul and who knows, oftentimes it can be the start of something really good in the real world!  I certainly hope my readers will get some great romantic ideas from reading Next Year in Jerusalem! Parts 1 and 2.

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