The concept of Next Year in Jerusalem has its Romantic Aspects Like a Good New Romance Book!

The concept of Next Year in Jerusalem! has been alive and well for several thousands of years.  It started when the Jews left Egypt on the way to a promised land and it is still resonating today.  Many people take the expression literally, meaning that someday there will be a return to Jerusalem that clearly ties into a Messianic Age.  The world will be peaceful and full of love in ways we can barely understand now.  Evil will disappear.

However, for many others the concept of Next Year in Jerusalem! is more personal.  It is an expression that means we should hope to move toward our individual freedoms as human beings.  We should pray and work toward a time when each of us is freed of the metaphoric chains that chain us all, whether it be a temper, a difficult time in finding a job, or poor healthy.

So in reality, the expression Next Year in Jerusalem! is like a good new romance book.  If you take it literally, you are part of one of the most mysterious and spiritual stories about humanity and the world that has ever been told.

And if you take the expression personally then you are really writing your own new romance novel about yourself.  Why romance?  Because you can not move toward personal freedom and development without having a romantic relationship with life and all it offers.  I’ve talked about the notion of romancing life and I’ll get back to that more.

Meanwhile,  think about how you fit into a good new romance book!  I know you do.

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