The Plot Can Only Thicken for Natalie and Maggie in Part 2 of My Romance Book, Next Year in Jerusalem!

Here is where Part 1 left off:

Natalie and Maggie, best friends since college, find themselves in Jerusalem when Natalie’s husband, David, takes a short sabbatical there. Intrigued by a mystery woman, Chaya Sarah, both women are soon captivated by spiritual and traditional religious experiences she offers them. However, they are also baffled by some of her actions and her secrecy about herself and begin to feel that Chaya Sarah may be involved in more than meets the eye, perhaps she is even in danger.
The mystical energy of Jerusalem along with the reality of terrorism compounds an already intense experience for both women. Their emotions are heightened further when Natalie’s old boyfriend, Jack, reappears and insists in taking them all out on the town. Danger lurks as Natalie’s husband has to be away in Haifa the very night that Jack is taking them out. Natalie is surprised that night by the intensity of her feelings for Jack. She realizes she is close to a decision that she may soon regret.
Maggie, divorced and involved in a new romance in Manhattan, finds herself intrigued and aroused by Jack’s colleague Raji, a tall, dark and handsome stranger. As Part 1 concludes, the plot can only thicken!

How can things not get only more complicated? Natalie is feeling aroused and confused by spending an evening with an old boyfriend. She knows her husband where wonder how the evening went. She also knows she could be on the verge of danger in her marriage. Maggie also is in turmoil. What will she do about her feelings for Gary back home? How can she maintain a relationship with Raji, 6000 miles apart?

Isn’t the intrigue and the heart palpitations what good romantic fiction is all about? I think so.

By the way, Part 2 of Next Year in Jerusalem! will be out in paper by May 15th. I can’t wait to sit around with groups of women, either in person or via skype or other internet tv stations and have such fun talking about all the various aspects of romance that Next Year in Jerusalem! brings to light. And the fact that the setting is in Jerusalem, a magical city, doesn’t hurt as we can also let our spiritual natures rise to the occasion as we discuss prayer, an ancient land and other issues that travel and Jerusalem bring to mind. Stay tuned!

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