To Get Successfully Romantic Try The Seven Gateways to Happiness

In order to live a life of happiness with plenty of romance, we need to know how to optimize our lives. People who are too upset, overwhelmed or emotionally depleted don’t have time or energy for romance. In my latest romantic fiction, Next Year in Jerusalem! Natalie and Maggie both have time for romance. Why? Partly because they are on vacation. When we leave our immediate environment and go somewhere else for a vacation it opens up a lot of pathways for new thoughts, feelings and ideas. Some of these pathways can led straight to romance!

On the other hand, romance witout thought and decision making will always led to trouble. That’s because our lives are complex and we must moderate and make conscious decisions about everything we bring into our lives, even romance.

Natalie and Maggie both have some troubles in the decision making areas of their romantic flings. But why spoil the ride for you? Read all about their romantic adventures as they travel in my latest romance book, Part 2 of Next Year in Jerusalem!

Meanwhile, if you want to learn more about the Seven Gateways to Happiness, follow my tv series starting today on Askimo tv. Here is the link. It will be live at 1:30 PM EDT today and then archived! Enjoy.

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