What Makes a New Romance Book a Summer Romantic Page-Turner?

Just picture this: there you are wearing a beautiful new sunhat, looking fabulous and tan in your new bathing suit, cold drink in one hand while you lounge on a chaise lounge turning the pages of a summer romance novel with your other hand. Oh, I forgot. The sky is blue, with a few white fluffy clouds. The weather is in the low 80’s with a slight breeze and low humidity. Your chaise is on the veranda of a gorgeous villa that you are staying at with your tall, dark eyed and handsome lover.

How is this sounding? Let’s heat it up a bit. Here comes your lover over to you. He leans down and gives you a kiss, fully on the mouth and mentions how delicious the breeze is in your bedroom suite. Would you like to take a nap soon? He asks that question as he tenderly caresses the edge of your left breast.

And one last detail. Your cell phone rings. You recognize the number. Your husband again. What should you do? Answer? More lies? More intrigue?

Have a managed to wet your appetite at all? Your emotional appetite that would enjoy a good ride through a juicy love story?

Now of course, if the above were really about you, it might be too overwhelming and scary to live out. After all, most of us are quite content with fairly mundane lives. And for most of us this is a reasonable solution to adult living as we need consistency, a way to earn a living, friends who are stable, a significant other if you want a partner who is true to you and trustworthy. Most of us can not afford to be resting on a chaise outside of a villa, let alone handle the intrigue of the lover waiting to take us upstairs to the bedroom.

But it does make fun reading. And that is what a romantic page-turner in the summer is all about. Let the atmosphere get steamy. Let there be intrigue and scandal. Even intrigue and mystery. And for sure, it is fine to have an exotic, foreign setting.

So a good summer romance novel is all of the above. Get absorbed, loose yourself and let the atmosphere take over. Safe, harmless and fun. And that’s the way I wrote Next Year in Jerusalem! Parts 1 and 2. There is romance, and intrigue, travel and mystery. You can get lost in Natalie’s obsession with an old boyfriend and what that means for David her husband and for herself. You can follow Maggie her best friend and see what happens when she, newly divorced, suddenly has two lovers. And you can wonder about Chaya Sarah, the mystery woman who is so full of spiritual wisdom. Who is she? What secrets is she protecting? And you can pray at the Western Wall with the women. So much to take you away for a page-turning summer read.

Have fun! Let me know what intrigues you the most in Next Year in Jerusalem! Is the travel? The romantic scenes? The spiritual scenes? The mystery that lurks around the edges?

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