Why Did I Waste All Those Years? We All Need to Understand The Seven Gateways of Happiness

Our lives are a narrative that we are living. And if we don’t make sense of our lives and make the most of them we will end up having a story of a life that is as fragmented and disorganized as a bad romance novel. It is very important to learn how to live a life to its fullest.

Natalie and Maggie are struggling in Next Year in Jerusalem! Romance, Mystery & Spiritual Awakenings to live lives of meaning and excitment. They make mistakes, but they have marvelous adventures. They stuggle to make choices, like around men, and what to do with their lives. They represent many of the women I have worked with over the years. I like to think that they are bringing to readers feelings of excitement and ideas that readers can think about in their own lives.

Natalie and Maggie will have to utilize The Seven Gateways of Happiness, even if they don’t know what they are as formally as I am sharing them with you. That’s because in one way or another, all of us have to walk through these gateways, whether we label them or not.

I hope you will watch this video on the first two Gateways of Happiness and see how you can begin to incorporate them into your life.

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