Write Your Own Romance Book by Having a Love Affair With The Universe

Once we make an effort to fall in love with ourselves we are on our way to a type of romance that will never go out of date.  It doesn’t involve having a significant other, although that can be lovely and wonderful.  It doesn’t involve a lot of money, although money is very useful.  It doesn’t even involve being young and beautiful, although we all can relish beauty and youth.  What it does involve is feeling good about yourself most of the time.  Appreciating who you are and how hard you work at being a human being.  Recognizing and applauding your talents and strengths and giving your own potential a chance to emerge.  Because if you do all of the above something wonderful will happen.

You will find yourself also falling in love with many other aspects of being alive.  The tree in front of your house will shine in the sunlight with a lovely glow.  Your kids will say the cutest things.  Just breathing will feel so wholesome.  Sitting in a chair will be lovely and comforting. 

What starts to happen is more love pours out of you and it really is true that love makes the world go round.  And so you will be in a new romantic pattern with live as you ‘write’ your own romance novel.  It is a great love affair with the universe that you don’t even have to keep a secret.

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